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E52-CA1DY M6 2M

Thermocouple, M6 screw. 0°C ~ 400°C

E52-P10AEY 2M

Pt100. L=100mm, D=4mm. −50°C ~ 250°C

E52-P15AY D=3.2 2M

Pt100. L=150mm, D=3.2mm. −200°C ~ 450°C

E52-P20AY D=3.2 2M

Pt100. L=200mm, D=3.2mm. −200°C ~ 450°C

E52-P35AY D=3.2 2M

Pt100. L=350mm, D=3.2mm. −200°C ~ 450°C

E52-P50AY D=4.8 2M

Pt100. L=500mm, D=4.8mm. −200°C to 450°C

E52-P50C-N D=10

Pt100, L=500mm, D=10mm. 0~450oC

E52-P6DY 2M

Pt100, L=65mm, D=4mm. −50°C~250oC

E52-P75C-N D=10

Pt100, L=750mm, D=10mm. 0~450oC

E52-PR100C-N D=15 PT1

Pt100, L=1000mm, D=17mm. 0~1400oC

E52-PR50C-N D=15 PT1

Pt100, L=500mm, D=17mm. 0~1400oC

E52-PR75C-N D=15 PT0

Pt100, L=750mm, D=17mm. 0~1400oC

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